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Best Way to Get from Heathrow to Central London

Heathrow is London’s busiest and largest airport. The distance between Heathrow and Central London is around 15 miles and several passengers travel the distance looking for suitable accommodation options and great tourist spots. Listed below are the best possible ways to travel from Heathrow to Central London.

Tourists travelling in a new country prefer a comfortable transport system marked with safety and reliability. London has an extensive public transport network as well as private services to commute from one place to another. The best ways to travel from Heathrow to Central London can be categorised into the following types.

Public Transfer modes between Heathrow and Central London

Heathrow Express: It is the fastest travel link between the two places. The service takes only 20 minutes to reach Paddington station from Heathrow.

Heathrow Connect: Heathrow Connect works similar to Heathrow Express but is slower and less expensive than the latter. This service is less frequent than the Heathrow Express service.

Underground Tube: If you are on the lookout for a cheapest transfer link from the airport, then tube is your best option. The Piccadilly line can get very crowded during peak hours of the day but there is a service almost for every 10 minutes. Using the tube, one can access almost every hotel in Central London.

Coaches and Buses: Special transfer coaches such as National Express Coach, Easybus and other public buses can be availed from all terminals of the airport. National Express Coach is a very popular service that can be booked online and it is not expensive but still offers a comfortable travelling space.

Private taxis and minicabs between Heathrow and Central London

Taxis and minicabs are the two private sources of transfer from Heathrow to Central London. Taxis can be hired on the go while minicabs must be booked in advance. Taxi ranks are available outside all five terminal buildings and taxis can be hired with ease. Minicabs are booked in advance using online portal systems. Minicab drivers will wait for your arrival right after the luggage counter with placards. These drivers are warm, friendly and ensure the safety of passengers and their luggage at all times. They are mostly locals and have ample knowledge about the city and its events.  Minicab drivers are one of the most attractive features of the service.

These private transfer links offer free flight monitoring service and therefore flight delays and cancellations are no more a matter of concern. They come with nominal service charge that is inclusive of 30 minutes of free waiting time and airport parking charges. Minicabs can accommodate as many passengers at a time and can also provide space for accommodating huge pieces of luggage like musical instruments and sports equipment.

To put it in a nutshell, these attractive features of minicabs easily make them the best way to travel from Heathrow to Central London.

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