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Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Celebrations 2016

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II is regarded as the 26th most powerful women in the world. She succeeded the throne upon the death of her father, King George VI. She was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom on 6 February 1953, in a ceremony that was held in Westminster Abbey. Over the past 63 years, she has constantly strived and performed every duty, each of which has earned her the present day respect. Her actual birthday is on April 21, however she also celebrates an official birthday on one of the Saturday in June, which is proposed on 11 June 2016.

The dawn of her 90th birthday on 21 April 2016 will also make Queen Elizabeth II the longest reigning British Monarch in nearly 1000 years. She will undertake this milestone in the presence of nearly 10,000 guests with two engagements in Windsor with her husband, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip. Elaborate arrangements have been made in the private grounds of Windsor Castle in the arena that is used by the Royal Windsor Horse show during the day. The evening will be marked by an engagement involving beacon lighting ceremony. Her Majesty will light the principal beacon, following which 1000 beacons will be lit worldwide and also across Britain. She will be accompanied by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Her birthday will be publicly marked by gun salutes in Central London at midday, that includes a 41 gun salute at Hyde Park, 21 gun salute in Windsor Great Park and a salute with 62 guns at the Tower of London.

The queen’s milestone birthday will also be marked by The Patron’s Lunch to commemorate her dedicated work towards nearly 600 organisations that are under her patronage. The event, proposed on Sunday, June 12 is set to witness an attendance of over 10,000 guests. The tickets for this giant street party are priced at about £ 150.00 GBP each.

As a mark of solidarity towards the Queen, British Prime Minister David Cameron has permitted pubs in London to function for additional two hours to mark her birthday in June.


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