First Trip to London England – What are the Important Things to Know

Travelling to a city as massive and magnificent as London can be extremely overwhelming. People often tend to feel stressed and sceptical about the capital while travelling for the first time. However there are some interesting and important facts about London that eases travelling to the city.

•  To start with, one needs to be well equipped to combat the sporadic weather of London. A single day may experience showers of rain, extreme winds as well as the sun rays. Ensure you have an umbrella, a good winter jacket and a pair of sturdy shoes to travel with ease in London.

•  Book your flight tickets and accommodation well in advance as last minute rushes will lead to expensive options. It is a good idea to get your airport pickup organised with a minicab service provider. Minicabs take you directly from the airport terminal to your hotel.

•  London has an extensive public transport network that consists of buses, trains, tube and coaches. To use these services, passengers can either pay in cash or use smart cards called Oyster cards. Tourists are recommended to gather sufficient information about the various options available for these cards in order to reap the maximum monetary benefits.

• When you are an international tourist in London ensure you always carry your passport and visa documents with you. Do not leave them behind while you are sightseeing in another part of the city.

• Taxis and minicabs are easily available everywhere in London and therefore it is a great option if you are looking for quick and comfortable transfers anywhere in London.

• London has the reputation of being an expensive city. However the good news is that there are number of free attractions that appeal to all types of tourists. Museums, art galleries, botanical parks and city farms are some of the places that offer free unlimited fun.

• For sightseeing in London, travellers can opt for walking or cycling tours within the city. They are not only cheap but also offer a real taste of London from closer quarters. Day tours to nearby places can also be organised. English is usually the medium of instruction and some tour operators offer alternative language options during these tours.

• Central London is filled with several unique food stops. Street food and fresh food markets are famous and worth a try.

• Nightlife in London is an absolute thrill and drinking is like the national pastime. There are several country clubs and traditional pubs that offer amazing range of drinks, delicious snack and mind blowing music.

• London is a fairly safe city. However extra caution must be practised while using public transport and travelling during late nights.

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