Things to do in London in July 2015

The month of July stands for two important and cheerful reasons in London. Firstly, July is the most beautiful summer month with long warm days and secondly it is the vacation time for young children. July is therefore the most suitable period of the year to come together as a family, enjoy long days outdoors and to visit interesting places for recreation.

Read on to find out what London has in store for you this July.

London Restaurant Festival

Food is so much a part of the English culture and Londoners enjoy being a part of good food experience always. London Restaurant Festival is coming to London for the 7th consecutive time and families can enjoy a great range of delicacies throughout the month. Food tours, special tasting events and specialities from renowned chefs are the highlights of the event.


Tennis lovers from across the world are expected to visit London to watch the Wimbledon every year. The event is a part of English legacy and is a great opportunity to spend quality time with family.

City of London Festival

For music lovers, in London there is the City of London Festival with live shows and performances in several places across the city. An event is a great way to spend a warm and cheerful evening in London.

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The world’s largest annual flower show comes to London this July. Visit the Royal Horticultural Society to witness the smell, colours and touch of these delicate entities bring immeasurable joy to the heart. Festival of Roses and Plant Heritage Marquee are the highlights of the event.

July in London is always marked by exuberance and the reason behind the charm is still obscure. Whether it is the beautiful rays of the sun, cheerful noises of young children or the summer sale glowing across the city, July in London is a must-feel experience for everyone across the world.

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