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Things to do in London in July 2015

The month of July stands for two important and cheerful reasons in London. Firstly, July is the most beautiful summer month with long warm days and secondly it is the vacation time for young children. July is therefore the most suitable period of the year to come together as a family, enjoy long days outdoors and to visit interesting places for recreation.

Read on to find out what London has in store for you this July.

London Restaurant Festival

Food is so much a part of the English culture and Londoners enjoy being a part of good food experience always. London Restaurant Festival is coming to London for the 7th consecutive time and families can enjoy a great range of delicacies throughout the month. Food tours, special tasting events and specialities from renowned chefs are the highlights of the event.


Tennis lovers from across the world are expected to visit London to watch the Wimbledon every year. The event is a part of English legacy and is a great opportunity to spend quality time with family.

City of London Festival

For music lovers, in London there is the City of London Festival with live shows and performances in several places across the city. An event is a great way to spend a warm and cheerful evening in London.

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The world’s largest annual flower show comes to London this July. Visit the Royal Horticultural Society to witness the smell, colours and touch of these delicate entities bring immeasurable joy to the heart. Festival of Roses and Plant Heritage Marquee are the highlights of the event.

July in London is always marked by exuberance and the reason behind the charm is still obscure. Whether it is the beautiful rays of the sun, cheerful noises of young children or the summer sale glowing across the city, July in London is a must-feel experience for everyone across the world.


Things to do for the First Time in London

London is one of the most versatile cities in the world. First time visitors in London often feel lost due to its overwhelming nature. The city has literally everything a tourist would look for starting from oldest museum to the most advanced technology oriented amusement centre. Therefore it is highly recommended to be well prepared to make the best out of the dream holiday in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Do your research

London has a history that dates back to several thousand years. Detailed research about the cultural heritage of the capital is a good place to start with before you venture into the country. Understand various facets of the city, its culture and tourist spots. The city has something to offer for all kinds of visitors and learning about the city helps you to build a suitable itinerary for yourself.

Booking your accommodation

To book a suitable accommodation is as important as booking your flight tickets. Pick an accommodation that fits into your budget as well as your needs. Central London is often the most recommended choice as it is filled with a great variety of restaurants, offers easy access to public transport and is home to a number of must-see tourist attractions.

Booking your airport pick up

London owns an extensive transport system which may be less comprehensible to first time visitors. There are buses, trains, trams as well as the tube and figuring out the most suitable means to your destination is no easy task. Therefore most Londoners recommend booking a London airport minicab service. Minicabs are available throughout the day and are 100 percent safe. Minicabs can be booked online through a simple portal system and additional discounts can be availed by using a credit or debit card for advance payment. Minicabs take you right from your arrivals lounge to your accommodation thus leaving no space for stress or worry. With minicabs booked, passengers do not have to fret about finding their way in a new city.

With these basic steps in place, first time visitors in London can enjoy the unprecedented pleasure of the city.


Why to Choose London Airport Minicab and Taxi Service?

If London has been your dream holiday spot, then you must be well prepared to handle its versatility and exuberance. Filled with over a hundred must-see attractions and a unique culture, London never fails to surprise its visitors. From museums that depict the greatness of the English empire to urban simulation games, there is everything one can ask for. For all those love their food and wine, London is a real treat and an experience of a lifetime.

The capital city has six international airports and an extensive public transport network to support the travel need of its guests. However over the years, minicabs and taxis have grown to formidable popularity and seem to be the favourite way of getting around this quaint English city. Read on to find out why the London airport minicab is apparently an expensive affair still seems to be the invariable choice for many.


The most important factor that one would look for while travelling to a foreign nation is safety. Taxis and minicabs score very high on this front and have proved to be the most reliable means of travel even during late hours of the night. No matter what time you land at the airport, London airport taxis Heathrow will be at your service and they ensure you reach your destination safely.


Family vacations, honeymoon trips and adventure pursuits deserve first class comfort and taxis let you start your dream holiday in London on a luxurious note. When you book a minicab, you are keeping yourself away from the crowded buses and trains and you can be certain about enjoying a classy ride across the magnificent city. If you are on a business trip to London, all you need to do is hire a chauffeured service and enjoy the sophistication.


Are you travelling on a public holiday? Are you in London to enjoy a snow-filled Christmas? No matter when and how you choose to travel, minicabs will be prompt in picking you up and dropping you off as promised.

Apart from these valuable qualities, minicabs also offer a number of other facilities like, free flight monitoring, transparent service charges, infant seats and friendly drivers. To enjoy a stress-free holiday, be sure to avail the services of London airport minicab and Taxi.




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