Taxi from Heathrow to Gatwick

Heathrow and Gatwick are London’s busiest airports. Together they handle almost 80 percent of the country’s air traffic.  They are situated along different directions from Central London and getting from Heathrow to Gatwick is time consuming and tiresome.

However the most common answer to the question of how to get from Heathrow to Gatwick easily is taxis. Taxi from Heathrow to Gatwick is easy to hire and is the most comfortable way to travel between these two hot spots. Public transport from Heathrow to Gatwick is also available from all terminals of the Heathrow. However travelling by taxis is considered the widely preferred choice for most passengers.

Taxi services offer a number of attractive advantages such as free waiting time, no hidden costs, free flight monitoring services and most importantly the safety of travelling in a new city irrespective of the time you land. The distance between the two airports is about 64 kilometres and taxi transfers from Heathrow to Gatwick can take about an hour. Taxis can be hired within a few meters from each terminal of the Heathrow. They are also the quickest way of travelling in London. While some people consider taxis expensive they are actually the most economical way of travelling in large groups. Heavy luggage, small infants and the sheer anxiety of visiting a new city can sometimes take a toll on travellers. In such cases taxis become the invariable choice and relieve you of stress and travel tension.

Taxi drivers are another important benefit of hiring taxis. They are warm, friendly and can be a good source of information about the city and its interesting facts. Drivers assure that you are safe and reach your destination in time. Apart from all these advantages what passengers consider the greatest draw towards taxi is the luxury it offers. To travel from Heathrow to Gatwick all you have to do is choose the type of vehicle you wish to travel and the rest is all taken care. The cost of taxi from Heathrow to Gatwick is about 70 pounds. Hiring a taxi from Heathrow to Gatwick or to any place in London is like making life much easier for oneself.

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