Nissan’s New Design Replaces London’s Iconic Black Taxis

London is popular for its iconic attractions such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and lots more.  Attractive ‘Black Taxis’ are one of those icons of London. You can notice these iconic black taxis anywhere in London and is one of the popular transport services in London, the United Kingdom.

Japanese carmaker Nissan unveiled its new model of black taxis recently. The new model – NV200 will replace the TX4 old iconic taxis from the end of this New Year, 2014. The NV200 holds a bit similar look of a van and Nissan has come out with this new design to better reflect the image of the traditional black taxis. This taxi features a round head lamp, better looking bumper panels, remodelled grille and more. Sources say that a zero emission electric vehicles will be upgraded by 2015.

It will also hold five passenger seats including two flip-down seats, access for wheelchairs and sliding doors. The production of the vehicles will take place in Barcelona and will be assembled and modified in London.

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