London Britannia Airport Updates

The London Britannia Airport was previously known as the Thames Hub Airport and Boris Island. It is a proposal for a six runway hub airport that would cost £47.3bn and is to be located on the Isle of Grain in Kent.

This site is 34 miles away from the centre of London and is near to HS1. This airport can be reached by high speed rail link in around 26 minutes. Testrad (Thames Estuary Research and Development) said that this island plan eschewed many problems including demolition of houses and industrial buildings, acquisition of private lands and bird strikes.

The aircrafts are separate from people and there will not be any noise due to landing and departures that will take place in estuary than residential areas. This is one of the main advantages according to the Thames Estuary Research and Development.

The runways will be configured in a way to allow three to four aircrafts to operate at the same time throughout a day despite weather conditions. This indicates that this airport will handle a huge number of passengers every day. Passenger check-in and arrivals terminals will be next to the high speed rail link and at King’s Cross railway station. Check –in terminals would be linked to the airport by high speed rail tunnels and it cannot be accessed by cars. The ‘Boris Island’ is expected to be completed within seven years.

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