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London Heathrow’s Third Runway

Heathrow Airport has revealed its plans to the Airports Commission for a third runway that would either lie to the North, North West or South West of the airport. The third runway according to Heathrow Airport will increase flights from 480,000 to 740,000 per year and will be built at an estimated cost of between £14bn to £18bn.

All three options have certain benefits, whilst northwest and southwest options are Heathrow’s preference. The North-West option is better in comparison with North, as it ends with a lesser impact on residential property. It may cost just a little more and take a little longer to build but it’s one of the preferred options. Harmondsworth Moor, Harmondsworth, St. Mary’s church, Tithe Barn and around 950 homes in Longford will be in danger zone for this option.

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How to Travel with Pets by Air

Going on a holiday with your pet? Be sure to follow the steps below to ensure both you and your pet have a good journey.

  • Take your pet to the vet before travelling and ensure they are safe from all respiratory and heart conditions and are perfectly safe to travel. It is very important that your pet is also free from motion sickness to travel by air.
  • Pick a few toys that they like to play with and place them in their crate to keep them occupied.
  • Keep your pet in a closed crate and take them on long drives before you take them on their first air  travel. This would help them to get accustomed to staying within a closed space for a long time.
  • It is important for your pet not to panic during their journey as they might injure themselves. Use a pheromone collar to soothe pets during travel. Alternatively your vet might also suggest tranquilizers which are safe for your pet. read more




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