Central London to Heathrow

The innermost part of London is known as Central London which has busy streets, attractions, high land values, high population, frequent transport services, busy stations and lots more. It is the most important part of London and the majority of the city’s tourists and guests prefer Central London.

Heathrow international Airport is the busiest airport in the UK and it is the third busiest airport in the world. Heathrow is located 14 miles west of Central London and traffic rates are higher in Heathrow compared to other airport locations in the UK. Many tourists travel to Central London from Heathrow to explore main attractions, restaurants, shopping sites and other features. The Tate Modern, The British museum, The Tower of London and Westminster Abbey are just some of the main attractions that tourists wish to visit in Central London.

You can travel from Central London to Heathrow by Bus, Trains, London Underground, Coaches and cars. The Heathrow express connects passengers from the airport to Paddington every 15 minutes and it serves as the fastest train between Central London and Heathrow. You can travel from Heathrow to Central London within one hour by London underground via the Piccadilly line.

You can also travel via National Express Coach to reach Victoria station and other major stations.

Taxi services are also available for transfers between Heathrow and Central London. You can hire a Heathrow airport taxi or pre book a taxi service to travel from London to Heathrow.

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