Flight Travel Tips

Worried about nausea and travel sickness whilst flying? A flight might turn out to be a terrible experience due to illness and may cause you to feel a little low in spirit…

Here are some flight travel tips to make your voyage more comfortable and free from sickness.

• Keep hydrated. Drinking a lot of water is a key element while preventing travel sickness. Keep a bottle of water with you as flights can dehydrate you very quickly.

• Get some sleep. It can sometimes be difficult to sleep during a flight and can cause nausea if you do not get enough rest. Try to sleep where possible, maybe even try taking headphones to keep you   calm and relaxed.

• Be precautious. Always carry a nausea bag with you, just to stay prepared for the worst. If you forget don’t panic, just ask an air hostess to fetch you one. Another precaution would be to carry   something to prevent nausea, ginger for example, is an extremely good deterrent for sickness.

• After motion sickness, time is one of the biggest problems for people who take up long voyages. Say if your destination is in the day, you may choose to take a sleeping pill on the flight that does   not leave you feeling groggy when you land and if your destination is night, again you may choose to take a sleeping pill. This will help you to get enough rest and be relaxed when your flight lands.

• Keep relaxed yet mobile. Go for walks where possible and move your body frequently to avoid nausea and also blood clots. Do not forget to carry your aspirin as these assist you to be fresh, healthy   and get over the severe headache that can ruin your wonderful voyage.

• Keep cool. Splash your face with cold water, breathe in fresh air and stay cautious of what you eat. Light and nutritious food is greatly recommended.

• Be comfortable. Being comfortable is important and greatly advised to enjoy a relaxed and calm landing.

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