Adam Sandler

adam sandlerAre you interested in knowing about a multi-talented personality in the American film industry? Adam Sandler would be amongst one of the top personalities for sure. Read here to more about Sandler.

Adam Sandler is an American born in 1966 to Jewish parents. He is a multifaceted celebrity in the film industry, who stands at the hall of fame as an actor, comedian, musician, screenwriter and producer. He had his schooling in Manchester and during his college days found his interest and skills as a comic and performed in several events and clubs.

Sandler’s Acting Career

Sandler right from his teenage years has performed in different club events. He has performed in television shows and also some guest roles as a comedian. Comedian Dennis Miller was impressed with the performance of Sandler in a show in Los Angeles and recommended him to Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday night Live. Till 2000, he had good roles to act and feature in movies and shows. Since 2000, he reached the peak for his comic acting and his sense of humor which he had naturally in him. He found himself versatile with screen writing, music and production. It was his interest in acting along with his skills that gave him the best platform to grow in quick time with good recognition at the right time in his life.

Happy Madison Productions

Sandler was keen about working with friends and associates in the film industry that he developed his own film production company, Happy Madison Productions in 1999. He has produced several movies and has several movies and dramatic stories in line.

Charity and Personal Life

Adam Sandler donated $1 million to ‘Boys and Girls Club’ in Manchester. He also donated $2,100 to the presidential campaign of Rudy Giuliani.

During filming after 2000, he met Jacqueline Samantha Titone and the couple married in 2003. They are now parents of two daughters, Sadie Madison Sandler and Sunny Madeline Sandler. Adam Sandler lives with his family in Los Angeles and also owns a home at New York.

Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Punch Drunk Love, Funny People and Anger Management are some of Sandler’s best movies. Sandler has lots to entertain us in the future.

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