Hilton Hotels in London

Hilton Hotels are global leaders in the Hotel industry offering great hospitality to worldwide customers. With its establishment in over 76 countries in six continents, Hilton is a familiar name in the international hotels and resorts industry serving people since 1919. Since their initial setup in Cisco, Texas, The Hilton chain has seen phenomenal growth in all segments like business, leisure, luxury and other services.

Conrad Hilton, the founder of The Hilton Hotels had dreams to own a hotel and develop a chain from single square feet. His hard work and commitment towards his goals has given the world the big chain “THE HILTON”. All through the 90 years, it has been the most stylish and ideal site for any kind of celebration and relaxation and has been host for millions of special occasions. Hilton Hotels are currently owned by Hilton Worldwide and all branches and hotels under the name are managed or franchised to different operators by the owner.

London is a financial hub world class city with international traffic all through the year. Hilton Hotels have their branches in different locations in London. Here are few among them offering you world class accommodation when you visit London.

Hilton Heathrow

Hilton Heathrow is located close to Heathrow Airport and is connected to Terminal 4 by a covered walkway and connected to Terminal 5 by a shuttle bus. The hotel is reachable in just 20 minutes by train from Central London. It is a classy hotel featuring restaurant for taste, pools, gyms and bars for relaxation, meeting rooms and conference halls for business, full time internet access and much more. All rooms are well equipped and you have all modern facilities to provide comfort to all guests.

Hilton Hyde Park

Hilton Hyde Park is just a mile away from Oxford Street and the West End. The hotel is also close to London Heathrow Airport and it is a 30 minutes drive. The hotel has traditional rooms with special arrangements, dining room restaurant offering high end international cuisine, lounge, bar, rooms from simple to high deluxe rooms equipped with modern facilities, garden views for relaxation, easy chairs to spend time in the work desks and much more. The speciality of this hotel is you have London’s famous Hyde Park reachable in a very few steps outside the hotel.

Hilton Islington

Hilton Islington is located next to the Business Design Center in Islington. The hotel features an Axis restaurant with bar offering you high end international cuisine along with local cuisine and drinks of your choice. St Paul’s Cathedral, London Dungeon, the National Gallery and Arsenal football ground are located nearby and hence sightseeing is unlimited. The hotel has all facilities for leisure and business travelers; however, the hotel is special for business class facilities.

Hilton Langham

Hilton Langham is located in Regents Street and is a historic hotel built between 1863 and 1865 at a cost of £300,000. It was the most modern hotel during those days in London and is the first hotel to have hydraulic lifts. The hotel was forced to close after World War II and was reopened in 1991. Refurbishments took place between 1998 and 2000 and today it is a leading five star hotel in London with excellent amenities for guests. The hotel is familiar among people for the mysterious activities and appearances of ghosts.

London has lots of luxurious hotels. However, Hilton is considered special for its hospitality and wide range of services.

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