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Slovenia’s flag carrier airline Adria Airways was founded in March 1961. The airline is headquartered at Ljubljana Airport and operates flights to 28 destinations in Europe and the Middle East and many charter flights. Adria had its secondary hub at Pristina International Airport.


Adria Airways was founded as Adria Aviopromet in 1961. In its first year, the airways initially purchased two used DC-6B aircrafts and started commercial operations in the same year. Followed by that, the airways operated flights to different countries and expanded its operations. It was at this time, the airways moved its headquarters from Zagreb to the newly opened Ljubljana airport. Adria merged with InterExport and Adria Aviopromet was made Inex-Adria Aviopromet (Inex-Adria Airways) in December 1968.

In the 70’s the airways operated jet aircrafts to different countries. From 1980, the airways focused more on modernization and fleet renovations and new aircrafts delivery were very common. Adria left the Inex Group in 1986. In the 1990’s, the economy was down due to Yugoslavian break down. The airways operated based on market requirements. In 1992, the airline became the national airline of Slovenia. In the same decade, the airline was a scheduled carrier.

In the following years, the airways expanded its operations and many Airbuses and other new aircrafts were delivered.


Adria Airways is a member of Star Alliance. Miles&More is the frequent flyer program of Adria Airways.

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