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Virgin Money London Marathon

London Marathon 2016London comes to life in spring, with bright sunshine and green spaces taking over from the subsiding winter chill. Besides occasional showers, spring is the time when most of the city parks are fully in bloom.

On 26-04-2016, London will witness sport enthusiasts take to the streets for a 26.2 mile Virgin Money London Marathon. It draws participants ranging from beginners to professional athletes.  It also attracts passionate joggers and costume wearing charity fundraisers.  Ever since its commencement in 1981, the event has held a Guinness World Record with respect to charity fundraising

The marathon also brings large groups of spectators cheering their favourite runners. A dedicated tracking page allows the supporters to monitor the course of their favourite runners as they cross designated turning points at regular intervals. The runners usually traverse along the Thames banks that are home to a large number of pubs. The official beverage partner for the event, London Pride pubs are among the most frequented by supporters as they cheer their favourite athlete with a pint in hand.

The busy event results in various road closures and diversions, some of the notable ones in the Greenwich town centre and the Cutty Sark.  The surrounding areas to Tower Bridge are also busy due to closeness to the finishing point.

London Underground, London Over ground and the Docklands Light Railways operate additional services on this day to ease passenger movements. The services are however diverted, which prompt forced detours, which consequently result in unexpected delays. Furthermore the mounting crowd may not be large group and kid friendly. Such inevitable instances can be overcome by a transfer in a comfortable London Minicab. They offer choice of vehicles based on passenger numbers, thereby making them comfortable even for large group transfers. Drivers’ familiarity with major routes ensures that a journey is completed with minimal discomfort.


London Marathon 2015

London Marathon also known as the Virgin Money London Marathon is scheduled to happen on 26th April 2015. This 26-mile marathon across the streets of London will run along the River Thames, pass through some of the iconic spots in London and will end at The Mall. Participants of the event run for several reasons including love for the sport, raising awareness for a charitable cause, athletes who consider it a chance for training and fitness and so on. The event has over 30,000 participants and also attracts thousands of spectators from across the country.

History of London Marathon

Virgin Money London Marathon is not the first-of-its-kind in London and has been inspired by a number of similar events from the early 20th century. Journalist Chris Basher and John Disley, an enduring athlete were the people behind the idea for this event. Brasher who attended the New York marathon in 1979 was greatly moved by the union of diverse people for this particular event. He was awe-struck to realise how the human community can join hands for a harmonious cause leaving behind all differences. He now wanted to replicate the event in London. After months of analysing the possibilities of staging a marathon in London, he successfully implemented the plan in March1981.

Watching the Marathon

The event this year is going to be undoubtedly jam-packed with people of all kind. However, there are some smart vantage points that can help people grab a view or two of their favourite runners. The Cutty Sark, located at only 6 miles from the start point is a good place to watch the event. The Tower Bridge and the Canary Wharf are good points to watch the marathon beyond the 10 mile mark. Some spectators can also take the Greenwich Foot Tunnel to the Isle of Dogs to watch the runners at the 17 mile mark. The final lapse of the marathon passes through the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace and for those who wish to celebrate the winning moments of the marathon, there is The Mall for ticket holders only.

A Marathon is….

A marathon is not just an event of sports. Marathon symbolises fortitude, strength and the power of togetherness. To be a part of this excellent event, arrive early at the mentioned vantage points and cheer the participants.




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