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Great London Swim 2013

This is one of United Kingdom’s most prestigious yet fun events. The London Swim is about to happen this year on the 31st of August in the Royal Victoria Dock. This open water challenge is happening for the fourth consecutive year and thousands of swimmers from across the country are expected to take part in the event along with their family and friends. While the swimmers will be having the utmost fun, others can enjoy live music, scrumptious street food and unique markets in this fun festival.

The event was initially influenced by the Great North Run that takes place in the United Kingdom every year. In 2008, the festival attracted more than 2000 participants and turned out to be a huge success. Swimmers of all ages participated including five Olympic medallists. Since then the event has steadily grown in popularity and the competition was expanded to 4 events in the following year. This year the festival will be conducted as 5 events and more than 20,000 participants are expected to participate. Organisers ensure the safety of all participants by employing several expert kayakers to supervise the field and using enough safety boats throughout. This event is suitable for people of all abilities from amateurs to award winners.

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